Tuesday, 13 March 2012

The Water Cycle

As part of our Mother Nature topic we have been learning about the Water Cycle.

This week we will be writing our own explanations of The Water Cycle, so today we looked at other people's explanations and performed them, with actions, to the class.


  1. Are you cool and do you make a mess at home and do play soccer

    by brandon
    from highfield school

  2. are you doing great

  3. Nice Work Jets. Does it rain a lot in England?
    by Te Tama

  4. hi im elaina and out of they water cycle i like evaporation couse all of the water evaporatios in to the ear

  5. I am not saying I want to moov school's but if I was at your school I would apslootly love it.I love your websit it is so fun.I love you jets class.

  6. the water cycle gos like this.Evapration,condensation,preciptation,collection.